From our property "PILLINDA PALMS"- Murray Bridge SA, we breed and train pure and part bred Arabians especially for the exciting sport of Endurance Riding. As a family we have been involved in all facets of the sport for the past twenty years with myself and daughter Layla currently riding. Husband Philip no longer rides but runs the horse rug manufacturing side of the business - see merchandise - and straps for us or Chief Stewards at rides here in South Australia. Son Oscar never took up riding - at five he preferred his Lego to a birthday pony offered - but these days he's become the Veloce web master, a most useful part of the team!

Pilinda Palms, Murray Bridge

PILLINDA PALMS is a 96 acre sloping sand hill which overlooks Murray Bridge and the river flats stretching down to Wellington on Lake Alexandrina. Not only is it a beautiful place to live but the 90 acre paddock affords lots of room for the horses to have a good gallop and forage in. A 2.5km sand track follows the fence line and this is an integral part of the training program. Other riding areas include dirt roads and scrub blocks with quite a mixture of terrain.